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Transformator Rectifier Units 


A DC Power equipment such as Transformer Rectifier supplies current that is applied for Cathodic Protection of buried or immersed metal structure. The Transformer Rectifiers (TR) are normally used on impressed cathodic protection designs.



ION-XXX-XXX  Cathodic Protection TR Units are specially designed for safe and long term operation in environments such as desert and tropical locations.


The Transformer Rectifier is housed IP65 cabinet and the control and indication mounted on an internal hinged door.


The power transformer, choke, capacitor, DC shunt, rectifier assembly, Primary MCB, AC fuses, DC fuses, and DC surge arrestors are mounted inside the internal door.


The followings are mounted on the internal door of the control box: digital voltmeter, digital ammeter, digital reference cell meter, digital set display, AC ‘on’ lamp, power switch, power / mode indicator, 8 Alarm indicator, 4 adjustment buttons, set button, reference cell tracker switch.