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REF-DC Permanent Cu/ CuSO4 Reference Electrode (EDO-CUSO4-PER)

Permanent Cu/CuSo4 half cells produced by EDOPEC (EDO-CUSO4-PER) have been design and tested to comply BS7361-CP1021 code of British standards under EDOPEC 's highest quality assurance program. All copper sulfate electrodes are shipped include a charge of high-purity copper sulfate crystals.

Electrode potential are subject of tests and calibration as well as +320 mV referring to H2 Potential.

Permanent reference electrodes would be used for permanent measurement of Test Posts and/or to generate Soil to structure feedback signal for Potential controlled CP Power sources as well as Automatic Transformer/rectifier units and solar powered CP stations.

EDO-CUSO4-PER type of permanent reference electrode is recommended for applications where the soil would be dry for long terms of operation period such as CP installation in desert, and also is recommended type for external CP monitoring of storage tank bottom cathodic protection applications.

Permanent Reference electrodes are Pre-Packaged with low resistivity none polarized Backfill containing following composition.

Each Reference electrode have been completed within 3 Meters of continues 1X10 Black Cable tail. The copper-copper sulfate electrode is a reference electrode based on the redox reaction with participation of the metal (copper) and its salt, copper sulfate. It is used for measuring electrochemical

potential and is the most commonly used reference electrode for testing cathodic protection corrosion control systems protecting buried metallic structures.

The corresponding equation can be presented as follow:

Cu2+ + 2e- → Cu0(metal)

This reaction characterized by reversible and fast electrode kinetics, meaning that a sufficiently high current can be passed through the electrode with the 100% efficiency of the redox reaction (dissolution of the metal or cathodic deposition of the copper-ions).

The Nernst equation below shows the dependence of the potential of the copper-copper sulfate electrode on the activity or concentration copper-ions:

E = 3.337 +(RT/2F)xIn a 2+

The Permanent Cu/CuSO4 Reference Electrodes manufactured by EDOPEC supplied with proper cable with required length and pre-packed. This results in a very easy installation and up to 30 years of lifetime.

Please see the more detail from  EDO-SPC-COE-COR-INT-XXX-014-395-478-Rev-B-Cu-CuS04 Reference Electrode With Back Filled-EDO-CUSO4-PER


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