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Scada System for Cathodic Protection


All T/R units on Bulk Berth will be connected to SCADA system for monitoring cathodic protection system. T/R units will be connected to SCADA computer with special data cables (with spares).

Data transmission between T/R units and SCADA monitoring computer will be MODBUS RTU protocol on RS-485 serial communication method.


There are two MODBUS devices on each T/R Unit. One of them transfers the data on T/R Unit’s control section (Set reference cell value, DC output voltage, CP current, working mode, set value, error codes and temperatures).

Second device transfers 6 reference cell readings, DC output voltage and CP current. These two MODBUS devices will also be connected to different data lines. In case of a failure of one of these two MODBUS devices in one T/R unit or one of these two different data lines, system could be monitored continuously by this way.

A special SCADA software will be developed for monitoring LISCO Port Bulk Berth cathodic protection system. There will be a separate windows for each module to watch cathodic protection system in detailed. A Sample view of Module 13 can be seen on Figure 5. There will be one main window to monitor the whole cathodic protection system.

All T/R Unit outputs, reference cell measurements, error codes will be monitored on this screen. The operator will be able to access each module’s detailed window on this screen.

Each cycle of readings of Bulk Berth cathodic protection system will be completed in about 20 seconds (44 MODBUS Devices). All data on the windows will be automatically updated at the and of the cycles.


SCADA system will record all these measurements and error codes of 11 modules in excel format every minute, daily, monthly and yearly as separate files and directories, thus the operator will be able to examine the cathodic protection system’s past easily. There will be also a graphical interface to see the changes on CP system easily displaying all selected measurements.

SCADA system will also supply remote monitoring on LAN (Local Area Network) or internet. By this way, the operator will be able to control and monitor the cathodic protection system with another computer connected to internet or LAN.

Please see the more detail from this link.